Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dr. NoiseM / eVADe feat. cR-teK - In Strange Fields: A Footage Recording 1 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

The next release on the mysterious imprint Dr. NoiseM Tapes is - surprisingly - not a tape but a CD featuring a 45+ minutes long package of five tracks of the most experimental, plunderphonic-related, restless and tense Uneasy Listening we've come across in a while. Metallic, distorted and strident feedback orgies meets echoing delays, cut up vocals and frolicking, ever evolving structures of unknown origin, deep abstract Electronica referring to hypertoxic alien swamps, strange backward loops and random snippets of cheap, lo-fi synthesizers and keyboard rhythm presets - an astoundingly unstructured but structured piece of ultra cacophonia for the headstrong, possibly built of layered and long time lost studio outtakes, sketches and intense febrile delerium that might be uneasy but defo not hard to take, an acoustic labyrinth beyond any musical or timebound matrix. Like to get lost? Try this for a reason.


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