Tuesday, October 08, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 10.2013

01. Wouter De Moor - Lectures EP [Poker Flat Recordings 142 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Goldner Anker - Jetzt Ist Es Kaputt [SuperKamiokandeDetektor 006 Promo]
See review for details... 

03. Kalisha - I Got Something Here *The Remixes [Danse Club Records 007 Whitelabel Promo]
Following the stream of contemporary House releases one can easily recognize heaps of re-issues, re-releases and re-freshments meaning classic tunes being remixed for todays dancefloors. This is exactly what happens to Kalisha's 1992-released "I Got Something Here" on Danse Club Recordings that does not only hold the Original Mix put on the circuit via -N-Sync Inc. more than two decades ago but a bunch of quality reworks crafted by Lauhaus, Brodanse as well as John Jastszebski whích are all transferring the positive uplifting vibe to the dancefloors of today. Nice one.

04. Binny - Release / The Journey [Flatlife Deep 002 Testpress]
This one is one of only twenty test press copies worldwide that have been manufactured to promote Binny's forthcoming release on Flatlife Deep that is going to take the worlds dancefloors by storm, not only due to the massive TechTrance rework of "Release" crafted by the one and only Oliver Lieb that kickstarts this 12", catering all ravers and fans of Oliver Liebs early works on labels like Superstition Records right without being retro at all whilst the original version turns out to be a thrilling variation of Detroit-infused TechnoJazz filled with abstract synth workouts on top of abstract BrokenTechno beats. On the flip we'll find "The Journey", an essential blueprint of deep string-based Motor City-melancholia which is finally remixed by Tim Gaal who comes up with an even deeper variation of this tune which is focusing on its housier aspects and even brings in some uplifting piano lines. Nice one.

05. Brinkmann - Guy Martin EP [Third Ear Promo]
Thomas Brinkmann a.k.a. Brinkmann - former head of Max.Ernst and provider of several legendary Studio releases - comes up with quite experimental but still great servings in Abstract Techno here. Whilst the A-side tune "TT" caters a mixture of deep hypnotic sounds and sweet TechnoJazz we see "On Edge" referring to Rock and Metal in Techno with heavily distorted basslines that sound like power chords. Finally "Blackhill" takes things further down the abstract alley with a deep and slightly melancholia infused BrokenBeat vs. FutureJazz hybrid perfectly emulating the vibes spread by the first three "Future Sound Of Jazz" compilations or the legendary Vienna-based Showroom Recordings.

06. Philippe Petit - Scrape EP [Decision Making Theory 002 Promo]
Techno purism at its best - this is what all three tracks featured on this stamped, smoke-marbled white label provide. Stripped down to what's the very essence of Techno without being minimal it's especially the two-tone sequence of the title track on top of acidic midrange modulations that turns out to be a massive force on the dancefloor. Same goes for both tracks on the flip with "Meltdown" being on a more uplifting tip, using echoing stabs and a sweet little hook with a slightly trancing twist whilst "Flotation" is referring to a psyched out, tense and skeletal variation of Detroit Techno. Nice.

07. [Unknw. Soldier 001 Promo]
Stamped whitelabel business without any information producer or track names given. This is what the core of Techno is about and so are the two tracks featured on this 12" piece which are very basic and stripped down, marching straight forward with only a few, very small changes adding up to what might be named as micro build-ups and without a single break that gives punters room to breathe on the dancefloor. If anyone talks about Techno as dark'ish, mechanical, uber-functional music this one proves him right. This one takes no prisoners. This one kills.

08. Adam Port & Here Is Why - Our Fate [Keinemusik 018]
This one has been sitting in my box for quite a while now and is a sweet, ultra seductive hybrid of House, Wave-flavored vocals and PostPunk'ish kickass basslines that will appeal to fans of KrautDisco provided by the likes of Padded Cell as well as to lovers of acts like Prinzhorn Dance School or Rangleklods, whilst the remixes provide either ethereal, laid back deepness or pumping, slightly discoid House with a raw and unprocessed dancefloor approch. Killer weapon.

09. Exchange EP [MINUSMIN 009 Whitelabel Promo]
This whitelabel is served by the producer triplet of Jorge Ciccioli, Nsound and Justin James although it's not quite clear whether each one of them is responsible for a single track on this three track 12" EP or if they joined forces in the studio. But matter what or how, what's to be found on this one is stripped down Minimal Techno that's focusing on the very essence of this genre and is not afraid of gaps between single sounds instead of filling these with layers of white noise or other audible bric-a-brac. Which is good.

10. Falling - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Shhhh Records]
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