Sunday, November 10, 2013

Captain Capa - Foxes [Audiolith Promo]

Bad Frankenhausen's finest IndieSynth-outfit Captain Capa just returned to their beloved Audiolith-home with the release of their new and latest longplay album "Foxes". Whilst the anthemic title track has been introduced to the readers of these pages with a sweet little official music video we posted like a few weeks prior to this review the rest of the tunes remained unheard and unchecked up to this date and so curiousity levels rose up when we opened the sealed vinyl piece we lifted from the labels offices some days ago. And one thing is pretty clear after only two songs including the sing-a-long heavy hooklined, cowbell abusing "As Far As It Goes" - this time them boys are going down the Pop-driven alley further than ever, breaking a lot of Indie girls hearts with sweet and catchy melodies, nothing but huge vocals and a special twist that's able to turn even slow, UK Bass-referring intro parts into thrilling uptempo dancefloor fillers within less than a second, replacing threading, maybe even peening beat structures with the positive not yet happy vibe of rocking guitars providing an ultimate drive that's about to turn Indie clubs into moshpits. The flip sides opener "Arsenic" fuses only slightly autotune-induced Pop with midtempo hyperglitz for laseractive lovers of 23rd century CosmoSynth whilst "The False Shepherd" brings out all the glamour and energy of a crowd rocking lifestyle and the epic "Wittgensteins Monster" comes up with the only feature joint on this extraordinary longplay piece as Strizi Hasselhoff of Frittenbude-fame drops some of his cryptically clear trademark rhymes on this one. No more questions. But a recommendation. Banger.


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