Monday, December 09, 2013

Dr. NoiseM / eVADE feat. cR-teK - In Strange Fields: A Found Footage Recording 2 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

And here it is - the second part of  "In Strange Fields", a collaborational project between the mysterious Dr. NoiseM and the joined forces of eVADE feat. cR-teK which are dealing, again, with a more experimental kind of Ambient / Electronic Listening here. Whilst the first third of the nearly 30 minutes long - sic !!! - opener starts on a quite kitschy, esoteric and sugar-coated piano driven level, more and more disturbing - or at least interfering - distorted bass layers start to build up after an organic, ever embracing introduction. And, although the level of being organic might be debatable to a certain point, this first track sets the controls for what is to follow in the three other tracksfeatured on this album: basicly warm, harmonic repetitions at some points even referring to the music of the Far East contrasted and interrupted by certain amounts of Noise and distortion. A more conceptual way of working in the field of experimental electronic music that might not appeal to many but surely will find its way to those out there interested in this kind of work, although the audience for this very special approach might be a small one. Or is.


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