Sunday, December 08, 2013

Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt - Exodus Namib [Major Label 067 Promo]

Recently released via Major Label, one of the rare imprints out there that deals with music as well as being active in the field of audio books, is Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt's latest work "Exodus Namib" - a piece based on a true story of two German geologists fleeing into the Namib desert in the 1940s and facing a throwback into the life of ancient hunters and gatherers for more than two years. These are the basic conditions for a story tracking down traces of these two men and scientists, their fundamental research works of these days, their insights in philosophical and psychological realms as well as in the field of the human consciousness. Similar to previous audio books released on Major Label once again the listener finds himself switching seamlessly between two narrative levels - the 1940s, taking care of the dialogues and experiences of the two geologists Henno Martin and Hermann Korn or at least giving a clue of what could've happened between these men, and the experiences and field recordings of Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt which, alongside his crew of speakers, went to Windhuk, South Africa to visit all the original sites - and ruins - of their self-imposed journey beyond and back to the very beginnings of civilization. Recommended to those who like their audio books a bit deeper, more complex and different than the rest as this one caters a trip crossing over between novel and documentary which is a rare thing to come across for sure.


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