Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tlic - Winterplague Adopt [Minor Label 027]

Another one coming from Leipzig these days is an icy-blue 7" which is the 027 of Minor Label named "Winterplague Adopt" holding the tracks "USB Stick In Quarantine" as well as "Pullarbear Cause Problem Solve", both written and produced by Tlic which has already put out a split 7" with LXXXC via Minor Label / Alphacute back in 2006. Whilst the A-side starts out with a pretty cold, isolationist atmosphere and and bleepy, metallic beats reminiscing of great labels like Hymen in their heydays when they used to cater IDM freaks and Rhythm Industrial lovers alike with abstract, but still (advanced) dancefloor suitable pieces, the flip turns into a more sub-driven affair with Death Ambient drones covering a harsh and hectic beat structures building up to being a heavy, forging, ever grinding maelstrom of sound that provides no relief until the very end of the record where a few melody fragments are popping up but fading away immediately again. This is the soundtrack for hostile, hopefully far-away spheres, providing a home for evil forces. Me likey.


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