Monday, February 03, 2014

Thug Entrancer - Death After Life [Software Recording Co. Promo]

Set for release in late February via the experimentalist and well eclectic Brooklyn-based label Software Recording Co. is "Death After Life" - the first  ever album of the mysterious artist named Thug Enhancer who has only very occasionally appeared on the digital release circuit via labels like Digitalis Recordings and Mabson Enterprises so far. Although the release info refers to styles such as Chicago Juke in its description of the artists eightfold variation of "Death After Life" and two additional bonus tracks featured on the promotional CD release we're more likely to file these tracks under the flag of impressingly uber-cold, sci-fi'esque Electronica with bits and pieces of Intelligent Techno popping up - see "Death After Life III" for this -, sweet, kinda abstract Electro workouts with a slightly acidic twist that, at certain points, seem to hold some harsh surprises like hard-hitting Noize excesses and essentially dancefloor-focused pieces that totally breathe Juke's shuffling, tempo-varied beat aesthetics but are miles away from being Juke due to their differing approach and more scientific feel albeit they might work footworking crews well in the cypher. Plus: even little lovely, plinkering melodies are to be found in here - "Deather After Life VII" - that haven't been heard like this in quite a while and are rounding this one off very well due to their more playful feel and so do the bonus tracks with their more chilled, laid back vibes. A nice one for sure.


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