Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ryoji Ikeda - Supercodex [Raster Noton Promo]

Released via the great conceptually working Raster-Noton label Ryoji Ikeda recently unleashed his 20 tracks strong "Supercodex"-album - part three in a series of three albums and an uber-precise, highly digital affair consisting of super fast electronic pulses, digital chatters and dithers, abstracted rhythm signatures and machinegun attacks, danceable for mathematic minds only and, if at all, playable in a club context to those used to consume fragmented structures and sonic brutalism usually coming from those active in the fields of Breakcore, Speedcore and Rhythm Industrial. And although the brute force is not a part of the "Supercodex" concept at all I bet the majority of people out there will refer to listening to a full 60 minutes of sonic cut-ups and structural meta phonk of the more advanced kind as an act of torture for a reason. The steady high-speed mode of sonic on / sonic off-events which - like in "Supercodex 6" - is partly even spread over the whole stereo field might turn out to be nerve wrecking when listening to them in the wrong mood but if things are clicking this is the future of 25th century Braindance - and super great! Unfortunately not available on vinyl but recommended for those still sticking to the CD format which, given the digital 0-1-aesthetics of sound storage of the medium, might be regarded as the right and suitable medium for music of this abstract nature.


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