Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hainbach - A Ritual [Hainbach Musik]

Great news have it that Stefan Paul Goetsch, better known under his Hainbach moniker in circles deeply fallen for dark'ish, kinda experimental music with a raw, unprocessed and partly melancholia-driven twist has recently put his new, and second, E.P. out on the digital circuits. Released under the name of "A Ritual" this five track piece caters a mostly solemn and ceremonial atmosphere based on tape and voice manipulations - yes, the backward trick still works astoundingly well given the result named "So We Evolved Into Birds In A Ritual" - as well as sounds coming from the bowels of a modular synth. With "The Big Calm" offering ethereal arrangements with short roaring Noise sequences breaking through like roaring thunder, the organ-reminiscing title track being a poignant Dark Ambient affair and others catering a quite haunting feel it's not hard to imagine that at least two of the featured tracks were commissioned for theatrical plays which they were as writing music for those is part of Hainbach's profession. Someone should licence these for a proper vinyl or tape release. Soon.


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