Sunday, February 23, 2014

PlanningToRock - All Love's Legal [Human Level Promo]

Recently released via her own label Human Level is PlanningToRock's third solo album named "All Love's Legal" which is another, pretty gender-politics heavy - or better: gender dissolving - affair musically consisting of floating ethereal and partly even beatless SynthPop and glitzy, cliched Disco-reminiscing dancefloor pieces. And although it might take a bit of time until one gets used to Jam Roston's distorted, detuned vocal works and the conceptual, monothematic bias "All Love's Legal" works pretty fine as an album, combining sociocritical topics and surely hedonistic sounds. Especially the great and Rave-flavored PostGarage / FutureGarage led tunes "Misogyny Drop Dead" or "Beyond Binary Binds" are highly recommended for primetime abuse whilst the kinda Jarre'esque ballad "Steps" features synth motifs as epic and rich as if they were written by the  French synth and light master himself and "Public Love" lives up to promise of heavily de-tuned basslines and sparse, thrilling uptempo beats. A good one for sure and recommendable to all fans of Chromatics as well. 


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