Saturday, February 15, 2014

Origamibiro - Odham's Standard [Denovali 191 Promo]

Scheduled for release on February, 28th via the ever active Denovali Records is "Odham's Standard" which is the latest longplay effort of Tom Hill, Jim Boxall and Andy Tytherleigh under their conjunctional moniker Origamibiro. Grown from a growing interest in incorporeal spectral photography and the electronic voice phenomenon a.k.a. the voice of the dead developed by two of the groups members in parallel as well as the old discussion about whether or not these phenomenons exist and how the pros and cons in this discussion relate to the beholders point of view and expection - same goes for several experiments in quantum physics btw in which a single photon either appears as particle or as waveform depending on what kind of phenomenon is to be investigated, meaning that the same photon  possibly appears to one scientist as "solid" matter whilst another sees a light wave which is not only interesting but kinda odd as the photon seems to pass the either / or of regular physics and represents two different modes of existence at the same time which usually shouldn't be possible. But leaving this little exploration into the world of strange phenomena aside we see the triple headed group serve a full ten tracks album of seemingly live played - yes, we're talking real instruments here - and post-processed Electronica with an Indietronics / Post-PostRock-flavored twist. With the main focus on an intimate mixture of violins, semi-acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and tender, chary drumming that also could be released via labels like Morr Music - and will be surely appreciated by the labels fans, too - it's the small, quiet pieces of hissing surface noise, the crackles, swishes and rustles possibly not even recognized by unaware listeners that seem to deal with the matter discussed, adding a kind of partly spooky, but mostly open fire-like atmosphere to what seems to be a late fall album bearing the sweet melancholia of cold, but sunny days, coloured leaves and beloved memories - to a nice result.


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