Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 3 [Dr NoiseM Tapes]

The still mysterious and anonymously working Dr. NoiseM recently unveiled the third issue of his so-called "Studio Works"-series and, instead of spreading sonic sheer terror with exploding Harsh Noize violence, it seems like the eleven tracks of this album go down a different alley when it comes to structural concepts. Especially tunes like the opening "Schizo" or the "Cortical Stimulator" are dealing with more structed, partly even rhythmic pulses and - when it comes to the last mentioned - with a style that could be described as SloMo Industrial Techno Core covered in whimpering feedbacks and layers of electromagnetic statics. Following up to this the two parts of "Gehirnwellen  Therapie" seem to be taken from the alienating and well-threatening score of some C category sci-fi flic due to their uberly cold, non-echoeing feel. With the eighth track going by the name of "Middle" - a dark'ish,frightening and subfrequency driven piece of muffled, more hollow quality with R2D2'esque bleeps and screeches - we've found one of the highlights of these 60+ minutes of experimental music before "Open The Door" unveils a sonic stampede and an ultimate overkill of sonic information pieces per split second being, without any doubt, the heaviest and most demanding track on "Studio Works 3". Another two to check out are "Pleasure" and "Self Burning" with their HeavyMetal approach, sounding like a heavily distorted feedback of an electric guitar that are surely about to attract long haired, leather wearing types as well.


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