Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - Live On Planet Earth [Alien Transistor Promo]

What to expect from a live album recorded by a band project 18 members strong? Anyone without a clue is recommended to check out the "Live On Planet Earth" album by the pretty much unpredictable Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra due to be released on April 11th via Alien Transistor. Covering a total playing time of approximately 52 minutes within six recorded pieces only the orchestra - and it is one for real - explores a musical spectrum as wide as reaching from Ambient and (Neo)Classical field into lively, frolicking and partly Swing-influenced Cinematic Jazz for well busy, heavily climaxing short films shot in oldskool'ish black and white aesthetics that - although from a different planet in terms of music - might well appeal to those who've been digging Gelbart's latest album as well as the kitsch-induced romanticism of 50s film scores, lovers of Easy Listening as well as those craving for intense wild chases of oldskool spy flics which might've been an influence to the free and undeniably live approach of this mega band doing its very special thing right in front of a wowed audience directly reacting to the highly dynamic changes happening on stage. There's cheers and and applause but also awestruck silence when e.g. the fever'ish Voodoo Bossa of "Harmagedon" erupts from the very start and amoks through not less than 13 minutes of highly fueled freestyle craze with more than one twist of madness. And it's this twist that makes even classical music more accessible for those who've never dealt with it before but are finally are laughing their asses off to the well humorous "W. A. Mozart vs Random Generator " which is the acoustic counterpart to weird funny art school'ish silent movies. Sounds weird? It is. But pretty likeable and, due to this, recommended to those longing for something special and unique.


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