Saturday, April 05, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2014

01. [aniYo kore] - Stinging Nettle / Butterflies [Empty Head Rich Heart Promo]
Amazing. Simple as that. So amazing that both tracks have seen video premieres on these pages as the first tracks ever. Missed out on that? Click and watch again.

"Stinging Nettle" video premiere.
"Butterflies" video premiere

02. Chez Damier - Classics [Mojuba G.O.D. 003]
For real House music lovers there's no way not to dig a good percentage of Chez Damier's production works and these four tracks underline this fact for a reason. Buy blindfolded.

03. Innershades - Toxic Trax [Stay Underground, It Pays 005]
Nothing but House Music at its very best. Sharp, unprocessed hi-hats everywhere, euphoria driven rave stabs like those to be found in "Dexter (87 Mix)", seductive melodies dreaming the night away like in "Lust" or the epic late night ecstasy caused by "Work That" - no matter where you look, this is House on a god tier level on side A. But even when flipping the wax and checking out the banging GhettoHouse aesthetics of  "Circuit", the morphed vocals and jackin' basslines of "Walk The Walk" or the final clap-induced thrill of the raw, uberly functional "Feel" you'll find this to be an absolutely flawless record. Recommended for a reason.

04. The Duke Of Juke - D.U.K.E. / Get Down [Ameise]
Associated with one of smallest vinyl manufacturing pressing plants of the world, Hamburg's Ameise, the label of the same name releases its fourth seven inch record on which the mysterious producer The Duke Of Juke fuses Trapstep with wobbly Dubstep Basslines and vary tempo beats on "D.U.K.E." whilst "Get Down" on the flip fully embraces the crime scene side of Juke with some stone cold Shotgun Phonk calling for lengs and body bags. This is serious.

05. Tostado / Dr. NoiseM [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See review for details...

06. Egotronic feat. Koljah / Grim104 feat. Testo [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details... 

07. Various Artists [E.A.R. 001]
Love it or hate it, take it or leave it. There's nothing in between these poles when it comes to this white, smoke-marbled four track 12" that serves some ultimately evil "when Acid meets Hardcore" madness created by four different artists. Dropping names we meet Coexsystems, Hammer Damage, Stak Etop and Toysfornoise on this one here - obviously a quadruple pack of producer fully bonkers, seriously drugged and most likely shade-loving for a reason, living in fucked up basements and spending the warm season attending illegal Teknivals happening in abandoned areas to be found in seedy parts of the former Eastern Block. You do even know what the word "Teknival" implies? Really? Actually that does mean that there's a proper chance you're about to like this one. Plus: it means you're nuts. 

08. Virgo Four - E-Series Part One [Chiwax 401]

House Music. Chitown business. Four tunes deep and sexy as fuck with hormone-fueled vocals, the occasional Acid reference and nothing but sweetest chords and melodies spilled allover the place. If you're digging DeepHouse for a reason, you're about to love this 12". Good to see that Virgo Four are on fire again after 25 years after their initial release back in 1989 and a 22 years period of silence in between. Lovely.

09. Egotronic - Die Natur Ist Dein Feind [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details... 

10. Scrimshire feat. Heidi Vogel - Everything You Say [Wahwah 45s]
Not that box fresh anymore but only recently added to my crates is this great fusion between Broken House and Future Garage that is the A-side with it's two reworks by LV Deep on which Heidi Vogel's vocals kinda pay homage to the legendary "We Are IE" when it comes to the overall feel and warm, embracing athmosphere although the beats are way more decent, swinging and perfectly crafted for late night lovers floors. On the flip Scrimshire's at the controls with a his so-called "Scrimshire Dub" version riding a syncopated riddim with a laid back feel breathing a proper West London vibe feel that's made for advanced dancefloors and echo connaisseurs. Sweet.


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