Sunday, March 30, 2014

Egotronic - Die Natur Ist Dein Feind [Audiolith Promo]

It's been only a few days since we reviewed Egotronic's latest split-single effort which was released prior to the bands new album "Die Natur Ist Dein Feind" via Audiolith , introducing the bands new PunkRock-paved musical pathway to their audience with a brand new track that's not featured on the longplay vinyl. And talking the album in general it takes a bit until one gets used to the new Egotronic sound which changed radically but still naturally due to the re-adjustments made. Once known for serving heavily pounding, more often party-induced ElectroPunk the new sound is of a more melancholic kind with a Punk-induced PowerPop twist that's also influenced by echoes of NDW / New German Wave - especially have a closer look on the bassline and structure of "Ich Will Nicht Rein" for this - with lyrics depicting more an abstract state of mind and society felt by the groups mastermind Torsun Burkhardt instead of dealing with concrete themes and issues. If there's one meta-theme to describe the overall feel of "Die Natur Ist Dein Feind" which - quite astoundingly - doesn't feature one single song that fully correlates with the punchline-aesthetics and slogan'esque sing-a-long style the band has turned into a trademark art form throughout their years on the scene it might be the color grey associated with concrete Berlin walls of the cold war shaped by nuclear angst and the threats imminent throughout the 80s. To name "Die Natur Ist Dein Feind" as envisioning a society crestfallen would be a little too much but it's the deepest, most reflective, thought-provoking Egotronic album so far which might distract parts of their fan base for a reason but that's the price to be paid for advancement, progress and radical musical moves necessary. Some might be disappointed or surprised at least but if one takes the time to listen closely until the end there's no chance not to dig songs like the great Dackelblut-cover "Edwin Van Der Sar" or "Noch Nicht Vorbei" although they're not exactly what everyone might expect looking back at the bands greatest hits like "Raven Gegen Deutschland" or "Was Soll's?". Check out the video for "Noch Nicht Vorbei" and the huge 30 minute documentary feature below.


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