Saturday, March 22, 2014

Egotronic feat. Koljah / Grim104 feat. Testo [Audiolith Promo]

Here it is. The next offering served by Audiolith's so called singles club series is another well recommendable 45rpm 7" vinyl piece, this time combining the raw and rugged new PunkRock-flavored sound of Egotronic who are, now transformed to classic band line up with real drums and guitars, dealing with the lately discovered rheumatism disease of vocalist Torsun Burkhardt who's well willing to fight this declaration of war by his very own body with the song "Kriegserklärung" on this one. StreetPunk vs. only a few electronic elements that  can be witnessed through the video featured in this post. On the flip we see some new faces popping up within the Audiolith roster - Grim104 feat. Testo. Rockin' some quite dope'ish, classic HipHop beats here, dissing the commercial side of German Rap in an undeniably creative way that speaks of intransic insanity and a deeply driven love for HipHop music in it's most purist form. No gangsterism or Hipster Rap included her.


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