Monday, May 19, 2014

Acidfloor - 808 Acid Vol. 4 [Psychocandies 023]

Scheduled for release on May 29th via the Acid heavy Psychocandies label is Acidfloor's latest longplay effort containing a full dozen of raw, highly repetetive and fully analogue Acid cuts for those deeply in love with the ever bubbling, modulated lines chirring out of the 303 box. Agglutinated with the classic 808 drum machine we see those tracks representing the most primordial Acid vision that has ever been which is usually great but as these twelve pieces are more like sketches and basic layouts instead of fully elaborated, technically mature listening to them in one single go can even become a bit tiring for the most dedicated Acid head ever. Although I bet these tools work well on a vault like underground dancefloor with fast mixing DJ's going ablaze I think a full on jam-session seeing one track emerging out of the other would've done better than cutting the whole thing into pieces. One for hardcore fans only. Tracks to check: the well lively pieces "808_062" and "808_062" as well as the oldskool-flavored Chicago Basement cut "808_071".


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