Thursday, May 15, 2014

Unknown Artist - Unknown Release [Unknown Label]

"Come and visit me here in the rehabilitation - we all are laughing so often - sometimes I can't stop laughing. The tears are running down my cheeks and my face has the colour of a lobster - hahahahaha."

These words on a photo print and a return adress "" are the only information given on this quite mysterious tape release that has been sitting in our postbox recently. Possibly sent from somewhere near the Kassel-area in Germany according to the date stamp the blank see-through tape came in a vary colored paper packaging  inside a leopard patterned vanity bag with some glittery inserts but no further information given. Musically the A side starts out droney with some more lively elements frolicking to and fro before finally disappearing into deep listening Drone tranquility for a while that's accompanied by ultra decelerated male vocals and later some slighty distorted out of tune synth tones. Flipping the tape after approximately 20 minutes the - guess what? - untitled B side provides a kind of spooky, forlorn feel that - in other releases - has been regularly described as the atmosphere of an alien swamp on these pages, with the decelerated vocals still being an essential part of what's going on here. Furthermore we'll find some parts that kinda reminisce of forlorn didgeridoos, echoing signals from outer space and strange, emergency tones as well as bubbling acid lava, possibly field recorded on one of Saturn's moons. Also we have tilting computers on overload, erupting into experimental, uptempo and groovy as fuck seemingly live tap-danced beat patterns towards the very end of the tape, shortly before cold, haunting Drones rule the scenery again.
A good one for sure but a mystery still. Any information of this tapes origin is welcome.


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