Saturday, May 17, 2014

Supershirt - Der Vierte Affe [Audiolith Promo]

Recently released via Audiolith is "Der Vierte Affe", Supershirt's latest six track, yellow vinyl EP including their smasher "H.Y.P.E." that was already featured on the labels anniversary compilation "Ten Years From Now" which was reviewed on these pages in last October. Still following their path through the realms of a style hybrid often called Indieelectro, the fusion of an electronic beat foundation and Indie guitars musically with their characteristic sprechgesang - not: rap - on top it becomes more and more obvious with tunes like "Aurora Borealis" that their lyrics kinda evolve towards the stimulation of associative patterns whilst the new banger "Kneipe"("Speakeasy") is celebrating the charms and culture of cheap-ass drinking holes. The B-sides opener "Die Vögel" can be seen as an abstract ode to migratory birds that's entangled with urban melancholia and longing wanderlust, whilst the slogan-heavy "Fackeln Und Forken" is more reminiscing to Supershirt's pristine ElectroPunk flavour and might be best appreciated amongst their elder fanbase in shows. A band in flux - we're well curious where this journey finally comes to a halt stylewise. Check.


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