Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thomas Azier - Hylas [Caroline International Promo]

Recently released via Caroline International under the wing of Island France is "Hylas", the full longplay debut of the Netherlands-rooted and now Berlin-based young (Neo)SynthPop artist Thomas Azier who is coming up with twelve new songs after his first EPs "Hylas 001" and "Hylas 002" in 2012. This continuity is a clear evidence for his fascination with this young figure of the Greek mythology but when it comes to musical aspects of his falsetto-loaden, clear cut, modernistic SynthPop his methods are far from ancient. Infected by Indie and surely influenced by the (Neo)Cosmic ItaloSynth greatness introduced to a wider audience via the French maestro Kavinsky his album is a sweet journey into glitzy, neon'esque Pop music that is home to huge, epic anthems like "Red Eyes" as well as tender ballads like "Angelene" - all guided by Mr. Azier's unique vocal approach and a special, longing sound that - if comparable to any more recent release at all - is not too far away from Rangleklods huge debut "Beekeeper + Home EP" and defo will be loved by all those who've been digging this massive 2012 album as well. And although Thomas Azier might stay under the mainstream radar which is more focused on short-lived EDM / Pop hybrids these days this album is about to last for a reason and will be referred to as one of the most remarkable SynthPop / Modern Wave albums of 2014.

Bonus level - check the video of his sweet cover version of Chris Isaak's uber-classic "Wicked Game" which is unfortunately not featured on the album.


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