Monday, May 05, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2014

01. Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing Circles [Digitalis]
Check german review for details...

02. Wrangler - LA Spark [Memetune Recordings]
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03. Marco Resmann - Basic  Motion [Poker Flat Recordings 147 Promo]
Berlin's Marco Resmann serves his first full on 12" on Steve Bug's prime imprint Poker Flat Recordings and comes up with nothing but a masterpiece here. The title tracks starts out as a moody affair with deep analogue synth lines that are later giving way for more uplifting and unique, sparse pads that are about to drive punters mad when played in these very moments when the crowd is craving for something special, something possibly unheard of. With "Ladies & Gentlemen" on the flip Mr. Resmann explores the deeper, partly even acidic, ever modulating side of what once was called Intelligent Techno whilst "More Or Less" brings out an intimate, tenderly caressing variation of late night TechHouse for lovers.

04. Demo Tracks #02 [Tresor Records 268]
"If life is a battle, Techno wins" is a phrase I recently coined on Twitter and  if Tresor Records do join the race backed by these three tracks produced by the likes of Acronym, JC and Zadig they're in it for one of the top positions. Acronym's "Nabu" on the A-side recalls the psycho-hypnotizm of Jeff Mills' minimalistic, twisted, hounded DetroitTechno visions and will be loved by Techno purists for a reason whilst JC's "Chenox" on B1 serves some dark, threatening and well-monotonous sounds for the underground basement massive. Furthermore Zadig's "Panic" enters the realm of uber-functional, compellent ClubTechno for primetime abuse - only a few sparse elements and minimalistic progression are more than enough to drive a crowd mad in real time here. Banger.

05. Terrence Dixon - Where A Function Of Some Systematically Changing Variable Is Calculated [Reduction 004]
More Techno greatness is coming from the Detroit-based producer Terrence Dixon who has become kind of a praised legend within the scene for his high quality output, a string of releases endlessly floating for the last two decades on labels like Utensil, Background, Tresor, Surface and his recently launched Reduction-imprint on which he focuses on his own productions under his real name as well as those put out under his Population One moniker. With "Where A Function Of Some Systematically Chnaging Variable Is Calculated" he serves another manifesto in DetroitTechno science. Especially the repetetive, longing, outerworldy melodies of the untitled A-side are to be referred to as ingredients of a future classic but also the somewhat out of tune synth bass lines accompanied by crystalline beauty in B1 and the tripping string layers alongside droning bass workouts on B2 are  well fascinating.

06. Kerri Chandler - The Watergate Files [Watergate Records]
Kerri "Kaoz" Chandler is one of the strong standing, household names in original House music ever since and this expertise shows when he teams up with Ibadan-founder Jerome Sydenham for this exclusive showcase on Watergate Records. Groovy as fuck, uplifting like hell and even the remixes provided by La Fleur and Voyeur do add something valuable to the original or at least come up with a respectful, proper re-interpretation which is kinda rare when dealing with one of the genres maestros.

07. Thomas Janitzky - Nothing Is Said ('Til The Artist Is Dead) [Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln 002 Promo]
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08. Pushy! - Take It [Kiosk Eclectic 031]
The French label Kiosk Eclectic has, as its name already suggests, always been dealing with a wide range of styles from day dot and is now embracing bass heavy Dubstep, Trap and Rave Juke - see the title track for this one - with these five tracks produced by the ever active Pushy! who already established himself as purveyor of hard hitting DarkJungle in the late 90s and has released a string of records on labels like his own Pushy as well as via X-86, Perce~Oreille, Jungle Therapy, Ruby Breakfast and others. When it comes to his latest output I'm pretty sure that especially the Rave signal sampling, "Taxi Driver"-quoting Juke-assault "Geek Father" will gain some massive attention even beyond the core scene as it's highly effective and energy fueled for a reason. "Listen, you fuckers.You screwheads"!

09. Mihai Popoviciu - Time [Poker Flat Recordings 148 Promo]
Check german review for details...

10. Alex Niggemann - Marterium [Poker Flat Recordings 149 Promo]
Alex Niggemann's "Marterium" is possibly one of the most anticipated TechHouse-12"es these days which has been making serious waves on dancefloors around the globe up to this date. Starting thing with a quite stripped-down and mechanical groove it's the big - think that word in CAPITALS -, simple but uberly effective breakdown and floating, slightly (Neo)Trance-flavored vibe that sets the roof on fire immediately. Also watch out for the reverse effect featured in the second break of the title track. On the flip we'll find "Primary" which introduces a more playful, melancholia-driven vibe to Alex Niggemann's music, dabbling around with a deep, melodic flavour that'll be loved by DJ's like Mr. Laurent Garnier known for having a thing for all things Detroit. Nice one and, due to its more subtle approach, my favorite out of these two tunes.


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