Monday, May 19, 2014

Martyn - The Air Between Words [Ninja Tune Promo]

Scheduled for mid-June is the third full length album effort catered  by Dutch producer Martijn Deykers - better known as Martyn in Dubstep, Bass and Techno circles alike for his consistent output, establishing himself as a firm, stalwart producer throughout the past nine years. Released under the name "The Air Between Words" the longplayer, after a short intro skit, starts with the first of the albums two collaboration pieces entitled "Glassbeadgames" - a melodic journey into the realm of uplifting, dreamy Future Garage crafted alongside Kieran Hebden a.k.a. Four Tet. The follow-up "Empty Mind" comes up as raw, mandatory Techno workout with razorblade hi-hats and a twisted, on point bassline in combination with classy and classic ClubTechno stabs working best in huge, abandoned industrial facilities with a properly E'd up crowd going wild - think also: Sheffield 1991 - whilst "Drones" is following the given path with a more jazzy, yet not necessarily softer twist. Unprocessed bassdrums and Vienna'esque FutureJazz sound wizzardry rule the scenery, whilst bleeping, modulating synths dream of an Acid future. "Love Of Pleasure" featuring Copeland on vocal duties can be described as sparse electronic lovesong backed by seductive analogue synths and romanticistic Piano lines, "Two Leads And A Computer" covers - despite being stretched over more than 6 minutes - the niche of a TechnoCosmic layout for lovers of dreamy, 'troity melodies unfolding on top of ultra-dry drums which are also to be found in the Oldskool Breakbeat reminiscing bass vs. bleep monster "Forgiveness Step 2" which is by far the best and most remarkable tune on "The Air Between Words" due to its stripped down efficiency and authentic Rave approach. More, but more technoid Future Garage flavor on a 4/4 foundation is to be found in the anthemic "Like That" with its uber-sweet, melodious hook, short vocals snippets and seemingly live jammed piano sequence that's about to drive the late night crowd mad with this fusion, "Lullaby" provides a more playful, probably even Plaid'esque note - calling their "Not For Threes" album as evidence here - when it comes to complex Electronica and the final reverberation heavy "Fashion Skater" unveils Martyn's more epic, but still tongue-in-cheek side when it comes to building a huge Techno banger. Nice, diverse and defo Martyn's best album so far. Me likey.


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