Sunday, August 17, 2014

Introducing: #scrt_brln

#scrt_brln sticker

#scrt_brln. a minimalistic hashtag. and way more. #scrt_brln is created at the heart of the creative BRLN underground these days, taking the hearts of visual artists, music creators and other likeminded beings by storm and growing into an audiovisual movement, developed and hosted by the Liquid Sky Berlin collective amalgamating new visionary conceptions, avantgarde, digital art, underground music and fkkd up glitches into a thing new and unheard of before.  

Created by Sunny / ADSX / Elec Ice for #scrt_brln

#scrt_brln is unfolding with a massive momentum – on your screen, on air, on the streets and literally everywhere, ready to conquer the planet for a reason. Remixed and reglitched digital art pieces are floating through social media channels and all over the web, #scrt_brln stickers, posters and stencil pieces are shaping the urban environment of BRLN and other cities whilst the movements core crew is travelling through nightlife and creative realms on a mission to change the worlds perception of what we call a  distorted vision of a disturbing reality.

created by baze.djunkiii for #scrt_brln

#scrt_brln is near you. follow us. feel it. here.
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