Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moire - Shelter [Werkdiscs Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 15th via Werkdiscs is "Shelter", the diverse and well thrilling album debut of the still mysterious Moire who's dealing with the endless possibilities of foggy, deeply athmospheric and yet club-related 4/4 bassdrum-based realms on this longplay piece. Introducing his more laid back, tender and dreamy side with the albums opener "Attitude" the robotic vocals and surreal feel of "Dali House feat. Bones"  that'll surely be loved by those digging the sound of Burial for his echoing visions of PostRave clubland take over heaving Techno floors in solid concrete shelters for a reason before Moire gives them people room to breathe, coming up next with playful, clap-heavy and superdry Armchair Techno as well as morphed vocal bits on "Elite / Hands On". These vocal bits are also an essential part of "Infinity Shadow", a straightforward Tech- / Future Garage fusion with a gladsome twist and sweet, lonely piano tones covered in crackling noises and audio dust whilst "No Gravity" transfers a similar vibe into a sweet'n'deep House context, providing slightly biased bassdrums for late night rides - a tune recommended to those being in love with the aesthetics of Moodyman and the likes of. Tuning in to "No Gravity" things get more lively again with a swinging, UK Funky-reminiscing intro part, nice club tempo and effervescing synth cascades setting the tone for unforgettable dancefloor moments - defo the most complex and Motor City-related tune on "Shelter" although there's not much of a Detroit Techno emulation to be found in here. Taking crowds to the "Stars" we see hard-pumping wildpitch House break through, providing razor-sharp hihat work, off kilter filters and well-spooky, haunting vocal twists alongside raw and uncut drum machine madness. Steadily bubbling Acid sporting seductive male vocals by Charlie Tappin is to be found on the hypnotic, ever climaxing "Rings" that breaks up its immanent tension with gleaming angelic string arrangements that seem announce the advent of heavenly forces before the final cut named "Mr. Figure" serves a menu of beautiful subaquatic Electronica and echoes of Detroit Techno that'll surely please all musical connaisseurs and esepcially Drexciya disciples for a reason. Nice one. Get. 


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