Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sascha Müller - Death Rolling Of A Mouse EP [Psychocandies 025]

We've already reblogged the preview files for this EP on the #scrt_brln tumblr project a few days ago but as Sascha Müller always provides quality in electronic dance music which shall not be mixed up with creepy and crappy EDM here we're up for a little review feature as well. Although we've got exactly no clue what that "death rolling"-thing in the split-in-two-parts title track might be we are fully aware of its musical qualities - deep, analogue Techno with a tripping Acid twist in the grinding, well hypnotizing first part, whilst the second cut is a spiralling, feedback heavy affair touching the borderline between Acid and AcidTrance but serving a lot of weird lo-fi robot sounds instead of uplifting strings or drum rolls. More spiralling, slightly psychedelic HypnoAcid is served on "The Value Of Death" - an ever climaxing journey of approx. 7 minutes length whilst the closing tune "Untitled 7" turns out to by a haunting piece of super ecstatic PsyTech with short Trance-inducing acidic loops and ritualistic drums beaten by shamen. Perfect for a trip-inducing night out in Goa / India.


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