Sunday, August 03, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2014

01. Alte Sau - Alte Sau [Majorlabel]
See german review for details...

02. Wen [Keysound Recordings Whitelabel]
Nice Grime whitelabel release on Keysound Recordings. On the A-side Wen serves a sparse gangster refix of Dizzee Rascal's "Strings Hoe" catering quite a lot of Sublow references whilst "Signal" on the flip is on a military snare heavy crime scene vibe with twisted vocal bits and dark'ish overall feel. One of them tunes probably hammered by the likes of Footsie or Dexplicit for a reason. Killer.

03. Phil Kieran - Going There / Getting Away [Hotflush Recordings]
Seeing Phil Kieran releasing on Hotflush is quite a surprise. Seeing him catering the first Hotflush Recordings release since 2006 that finds its way into my collectin  is even a bigger one. But the full on Rave-stab flavored TechHouse of "Going There" as well as the killer breakbeats of "Getting Away" - that should match perfectly with the beats that turned Josh Wink's "Higher State Of Consciousness" into  an all time classic - are way too seductive to leave 'em at the record store. The flipside holds additional mixes by Richy Ahmed and Ryan Elliott which both provide proper craftwork for House / TechHouse floors but its the original versions to go for for a reason. Nice one.

04. [DROWNED 001 Whitelabel]
A new label from the North German town of Bremen that brings in four tracks produced by the like of Alias & Alias, Qnete and Tobs on this stamped whitelabel in a silkscreen print cover which - most obviously - draw their influences from classic Rave culture of the early 90s, original modulation-heavy Techno and dark, underground club nights in abandoned warehouses. A proper start for a new imprint. Nice.

05. Perseus Traxx - Circuit Control: The Crystal Issue Cycle 2 [Solar One Music]
Green, one sided vinyl release featuring two brand new tracks from the vaults of the Perseus Traxx archive. "Fresh Start" is one hell of a tune for late night, pheromone fueled Chicago sessions with deep, jacking stabs and uberly seductive vocal works accompanied by decent Acid flavors bubbling. With "Circuit Control" on A2 Perseus Traxx are riding a more primetime-oriented vibe, catering a modernist view on classic AcidHouse and jacking 303s on top of super dry 808 riddims. Acieeed!

06. EXS - These Days: The Crystal Issue Cycle 1 [Solar One Music]
Nice blue vinyl introduces the first issue of the new Solar One sub- or sister-series here which comes up with Detroit driven strings, slightly tribalistic percussions and sawtooth filtered synth motifs on the A-sides title track whilst "K.I.Y." turns out to be a more punchy, yet playful, anthemic and defo motor city driven affair for all those appreciating the sound of Octave One and the likes of. Recommended.

07. Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte - At The Gate [Treue Um Treue 015]
Limited to 366 copies this gold vinyl 7" was already released back in 2010 by the fascinating Treue Um Treue label which are providing a deep, melancholia driven fusion of SynthPop, MinimalWave and Synthbient for their dedicated followers with this one. Four tracks of saddening beauty, made for intimate, autumnal listening moments.

08. Nogociella. - Satanismo Di Basilica Concattedrale Di San Marino [Voluntary Whores 015 Promo]
See review for details... 

09. Wieman - The Classics Album [Baskaru 030 Promo]
See review for details...  

10. Matthew Collings - Silence Is A Rhythm Too [Denovali 207 Promo]
See review for details...


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