Monday, August 04, 2014

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 100007]

Sascha Müller just unleashed a new three track single on his very own label Sascha Müller Music these days and once again he's on a straight 4/4 tip with this one. The first track named "Katapult" comes up with frolicking synth lines, an Electro-infused snare and a lovely little melody that - leaving out the tempo aspect here - should work pretty well with today's dancefloor kids craving for a bit of sweetness and romanticism whilst grooving along to bubbling Acid modulations at countless open air fests all over the place. With "Amphiler" things are getting darker when Mr. Müller focuses on a stripped down version of his favourite musical genre and carves out a tweaked and twisted piece of tripping HypnoAcid from only a few, perfectly matched elements whilst the "Planet 2885Hg87" is on a more psychotic tip of more than 9 minutes runtime, a minimalistic yet thrilling Techno workout with climaxing, off-kilter synth stabs and weird, squealing feedbacks surely to be highly appreciated by followersof Jeff Mills and his Axis label - Techno purism for those who know.


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