Friday, October 17, 2014

Bullenfreunde 2K14 [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 004 Promo]

We love tapes. We love weird music. And we love Noize, highly digital Noize and more experimentalisms when it comes to the quite mysterious "Bullenfreunde 2K14" tape which roughly translates as "Coppers' Friends 2K14" titlewise. Being released without any tracklist or further information about the many tracks origins we're confronted with the mentioned style, droning sub-frequency attacks, quirky lo-fi loops, phocked-up braindance which is kinda reminiscing to the very early, non Jungle-related, days of the still active Sozialistischer Plattenbau-imprint or things coming from the late 90s Leipzig tape underground that catered the needs of the headstrong with heavy Rhythm Industrial, 8bitCore, Doom Electronics and loads of things far more way out than just to be filed under the "leftfield" flag. And so does "Bullenfreund 2K14" whilst adding more musical variety with also taking care of Hardcore addicts, Bleep-heavy Breakcore, alien  swamp recordings and sci-fi machines switched to tilt mode. There's no way not to love this. Also check for a reason if  you've been a fan of the seemingly defunct Dhyana Records imprint back in the days or are a collector of - possibly very limited - obscure tape items in general.


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