Monday, October 20, 2014

Waschmaschinenfest 2K14 [LIMBS 001 Promo]

Our journey through the wicked world of weird audio tapes continues with the first release of the freshly founded LIMBS-label which is the new "Waschmaschinenfest 2K14" compilation, a C30 cassette based on Field Recordings of - well... - washers. Recorded, contributed and remixed - sic! - by artists like Xotox, Klonk, Low Entropy, Jasmina, Fgnugen, Aehm and Indesit we're introduced to quite a few different types of washers e.g. ones crafted by Bauknecht, Haier, Siwamat etc. and their typical, mechanic sound patterns as well as to dark'ish Drones, haunting athmospheres and cold, scampering experimental Tribe Tekno for underground soundsystems and chemically polluted teknival scapes. Quite interesting for collectors of conceptual releases - and washers.


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