Monday, November 10, 2014

Kein Kiel Festival 2014 [Limited CD-r]

Going back to the good old, classic school of independent DIY-releases we came across a sweet little six track CDr compilation that was issued in a limited print run of 50 copies only alongside this years KEIN KIEL festival - an event originally featuring the underground music scene of the North German city of Kiel with historical roots going back into the very early 80s. With the 2014 listing of the legendary NO MORE, the Canadian Minimal Wave / Industrial outfit Psyche as well as the relatively young combo Bleedingblackwood & The Bernsteins directions were set to more darker shores and the six tracks - both solo songs as well as cross collaborations of the three bands involved - on this limited underground sampler perfectly complement this setting, presenting a musical spectrum from highspeed Kosmische / SynthKraut to solid  PostPunk, proper Wave and longing, more experimental yet epic home recordings that are kinda reminiscent of ...well... the early tape and so-called Ingenious Dilettantes underground which is very well suitable whilst keeping in mind where the KEIN KIEL festival is rooted. Nice one.


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