Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mr Mitch - Parallel Memories [Planet µ 335 Promo]

One to watch out for all evolution lovin' grimeists and Electronica headz is "Parallel Memories", the debut album of Gobstopper-founder Miles Mitchell known as Mr Mitch which is set for release on December 1st, 2014  via Planet µ, serving a quite different, tender and athmospheric view on the genre that's hardly found in other producers tunes, no matter if being instrumental or vocal backed. With the first tunes "Afternoon After" and "The Night" being pure Electronica and laid back ChillOut it takes a bit until the raw, unprocessed basslines and skeletal, highly compressed drums associated with Grime do appear in "Intense Faces", a sparse instrumental cut with a lovely, kinda playful and dinky melody that might be filed under the flag of PostGrime if one feels the need to open another musical drawer here. The first vocals appear in "Don't Leave" which is an autotune driven piece of modern UK Urban paying homage to Soul choruses and epic synth lines. With the skeletal crimescene vibe of "It Takes Hold Of You" the tension truly mounts and brings to mind very early tunes of the Two Fingers project crossbreeding with Virus Syndicate's dark industrial feel of ca. a decade ago whilst "Sweet Boy Code" featuring Dark0 seems to be the albums ladies tune, evaporating echoes of DigiSoul and Rhythm'n'Grime in a tingly bedroom manner. Coming up next are the "Wandering Glaciers" weighing in some reduced, but still heavenly and crystal clear synths sparkling their way through an icey arctic night, "Feel (Don't  Ask)" seems to refer to Grime aesthetics in a quartertime tempo and "Bullion" brings in a more noisey Illbient-infused, ever spiralling opium den feel based on a nerve wrecking yet thrilling off-kilter loop and slow hammering bass drums nicely contrasted by the super positive, Plaid-reminiscing Electronica vibe of its follow up "Denial" that features some anthemic, ecstatic and well tongue-in-cheek vocal cutups for mid-rave abuse. Although sporting some obviously HipHop-rooted sample work the calm, introvert feel of "Fly Soup" suggests a post rave listening on cold winter sundays before the final cut "Hot Air" drives advanced dancefloors crazy with ever building layers of stone cold sci-fi sound, warped aerial strings and pounding drums promising a climax that never comes. Thrilling. Check. 


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