Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hyperdub 10.4 [Hyperdub Promo]

Closing the circle of ten years anniversary compilation albums Hyperdub has put its "Hyperdub 10.4" selection on the circuit quite recently, another 2CD piece that was heavily cut down for press promo use with CD2 only available as stream on request and Burial's contribution to CD1 omitted from the promo cut. But regarding to the 13 tracks remaining - both tunes selected from the labels past five years catalogue as well as fresh, previously unreleased cuts - "Hyperdub 10.4" is more than ready to please the UK Bass dancefloor massive. Starting with the warped time signatures of Cooly G's "Him Da Biz", turning into "Ugly Observations" from the House meets UK Funky side made by Ossie & PHRH and bringing in technoid pieces like Funkystepz' "Vice Versa" that sets out to please the bass headz as well as followers of stripped down but hard hitting House with its classy melody, kosmische synths and seductive vocal cuts the message is clear within less than 15 minutes: Dance your ass off to the funky music! With Walton's dry tripping "Laser War" and Kode9's "Oh" exploring bubbling TechnoBass areas of motor city pedigree this rule is clearly obeyed and Ikonika's banging "Position VIP" fuses some of the heaviest Techno drums around with super minimalist off-kilter synths, rave signals and influences taken from Dancemania's sickest Chicago Basement releases - a tune crafted for steel and concrete wombs like the legendary old Tresor Club in Berlin and possibly one of the most impressing cuts on "Hyperdub 10.4". More ravey ClubTechno signals are to be found in Funkystepz' highly fascinating "Fuller Rev VIP" amalgamating tribalistic Techno and UK Funky for a buzzing massive whilst Dorian Concept's rework of Martyn's "Mega Drive Generation" obviously pays homage to the more twisted, experimental and Electronica-based side of electronic music, puzzling ravers and pleasing more advanced punters due to its calm, organic and partly jazzy vibe. More twisted filter works and dry bassdrums are provided by King Britt as Fhloston Paradigm in "The Phoenix", a deep experimental House cut with a jazzy twist that's also the title track of his recent album. DVA is having a "Monophonic Nightmare" based on deep, duophonic bassline modulations and blaring analogue space keys so unique that one might recall the long gone TechnoJazz genre to pigeonhole this tune genrewise before Bambounou is on remix duties for Jessie Lanza's "Fuck Diamond", providing a clap-heavy excursion into raw technoid abstractions. Coming in with a brand new, tender but yet 4/4 based digital love song made to please all DeepHouse and 808 aficionados out there is Cooly G with her tune "Love Again", paving the way for Kyle Hall's closing tune "Kaychunk" which is a frolicking Detroit affair featuring chopped analogue beat structures and vast beautiful strings on the border of  Broken Techno and Future Garage. Nice.


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