Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker - Shadow Of The Monolith [Holotype Editions 002 Promo]

The Monolith (Twin Screen Version Excerpt) - Werner Dafeldecker / Lawrence English / Scott Morrison from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

When it comes to places on this planet that can be described as hostile, alien and especially isolated the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the spots that comes to mind easily. And it's the exactly this isolation the pair of Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker was looking for when working on their collaborational effort "Shadow Of The Monolith" that will be relased via Holotype Editions on November 17th. Restructuring and electroacoustically re-editing recordings of atmospheric, hydrophonic and ionospheric source material that has been captured around the Antarctic Peninsular all eight tracks reflect upon the cold, desolate conditions of this specific surrounding - no matter if it's the seemingly unprocessed Field Recording from inside one of the countless research stations set up in this untamed wilderness going by the name of "Marambio" or the meandering pulses of static noise found in "Mapping Peaks", accompanied by clanging pitons that are driven into frosty rocks. More organic but to some point even more alienating sound movements are to be found in the obviously subaquatic recordings of "Moro Mute" which document a steady swell under layers of icy crackles and echoes of myriads of buzzing micro crustaceans whilst "Fall" comes across like a Field Recording from another planet where inscrutable non-humanoids are shifting metal pieces of unknown function. With "Rio Gallegos" quivering distortion and industrial noises take over for 141 seconds before the final "Outtake" leads us back to a calm, but still perturbing state of Drone-led Dark Ambient. A specialists album for sure, but a recommended one for a reason.


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