Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dr. NoiseM - Reset My Pain [T.R.U.P. Rec 037]

A late arrival from the Russia-based, CDr-focused diy-imprint T.R.U.P. Rec is this April 2014-released two track piece crafted by the still mysterious Dr. NoiseM operating sonic assaults under his remarkable "Fuck melody I want shit music!" slogan. With the first, 37-minute spanning track "Pain Disordered Reality" the unknown doctor starts things with fragile, atmospheric drones and a few, not melodic yet harmonic tones which are heavily interrupted by bass-focused distorsion signals, digital clicks and strange glitches consisting of seemingly timestretched scratch moves. As the track continues these early elements are heavily vandalized by elements consisting of clipping filters and feedback loops, wooden clonks, corrupted voice echoes as well as harsh Rhythm Industrial, quirky lo-fi bleeps, sliced bassdrums and other non-musical elements providing a physically demanding but still well-hypnotic evolution in unpleasant and irritating sound that finally finds it's short climax in a short Noize eruption and perturbing sirens taking over. The second, only 8 minutes long, piece on this one is the title track "Reset My Pain" is quite the opposite of chaos, a highly defined, hyperdigital Phonk for augmented realities, Borg-raves, twisted scratch machines and breakdance robots fallen for Clicks'n'Cuts and other musical output built from unheard, hidden sounds of the digital age. Recommended.


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