Sunday, March 08, 2015

Huntsville - Pond [Hubro Music Promo]

Is this DarkJazz or JazzKraut or even sth. in between? Sporting four tracks only, all exceeding the 10 minutes mark, "Pond", the new album by Norwegian trio Huntsville will be released via Hubro Music on March 13th and surely is about to please all listeners appreciating a combination of free floating, ever evolving organic structures and repetitive grooves accompanied by decent electronics and effects. With the opening track named "(ER)" we're going from a dance-triggering 4/4 into deep Ambient listening whilst "(ING)" introduces eerie strings, deep jazzy bass, abstract rhythms built from very concrete and possibly field recorded sounds alongside some off kilter glitches in terms of harmonic tuning that keep the listeners senses alert throughout this very spaced out and, speaking of sax and steel guitar use here, partly super dreamy composition that also might apply to lovers of Einstürzende Neubauten ca. "Silence Is Sexy" minus Blixa Bargeld's vocals. Later "(AGE)" provides some Progressive Rock-influenced, feedback heavy improvisation for electric guitar and deep relaxation which is again disturbed by the de-tuned rhythmic counterparts in "(OK)", patterns of weird, metallic percussions fighting against cruel guitar feedback eruptions before tense strings noir, opium den drums and caned post-balearic guitars do provide a proper score-like thrill especially recommended for consumption in cold winter or at least late fall nights. Check. 


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