Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jens Rachut - Herzinfarkt [Major Label Promo]

What happens when a music producer dies? And what do his organs think about it? How do they tell the story that leads to his final curtain call? How's their relationship towards each other and what happened in the last days of the former musical genius Percy Rippenbreaker who's status changed to 'dead' now? All these questions and more are answered in quite a funny way by Mr. Rippenbreaker's well-punished innards like kidneys (one genuine and one implanted), right testicle, lung, heart, eyes, blood, immune system, brain, slightly fascist and militarist gall bladder and his last nerve still alive in "Herzinfarkt", the latest audio drama by Hamburg's author and Punk legend Jens Rachut which is about to be released via the stunning underground Major Label these days. Stressed out by investigations of a federal prosecutor, his stalking mother, constant alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse as well as cutty clients, bailiffs and an anancastic phrasemonging rhyme disorder we'll witness the rapid prostration of the whole system through the innards' regular, dystopian morning reports and psychedelic mementoes whilst Percy Rippenbreaker deals with bad songs, his drug-induced prurience and a team of weirdos before making a u-turn into a healthy, pretty relaxed lifestyle after a massive success. But still, and suddenly, the long years of rock'n'roll lifestyle take their toll, so the collapse is ineluctable, leading into a dramatic climax resulting in a heart attack - "Herzinfarkt" in German - and a final cardiac arrest. A deep, tongue-in-cheek piece and possibly the best audio drama written by Jens Rachut up to this date.


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