Friday, March 20, 2015

24.03.2015 Poemes Electroniques - Live at WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM

Things are buzzing here just a few days before leaving to the United States and updates on our schedule are coming in fast.

Today's news had it that our Poemes Electroniques project will be performing live on WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM on tuesday evening as guests on their Live At WREK program. Really excited about this one as I've been hosting radio both terrestrial and online here in Germany for years.

Tune in at 10 PM Atlanta time to catch the full bunch of us - Mr. Fleury, Christoph Veillon, Uli Sigg and baze.djunkiii - on air.

WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM
Live At WREK
10oo - 11oo PM
Tuesday, March 24th

Online live stream here.


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