Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jim Haynes - Scarlet [Helen Scarsdale Agency 030 Promo]

Ok, that's what we call an interesting mixture of things - an artists active in the fields of sculpture, photography, installation and sound dedicates all his work to the concept of decay and is represented by an agency that, apart from things that agencies do usually, also functions as publishing house for his musical works. We're talking the Helen Scarsdale Agency here which have have been putting out Jim Haynes latest cassette album "Scarlet" in late January, an intense body of work consisting of approx. 49 minutes of Death Ambient drones built from static noise, Rhythm Industrial patterns, haunting Deep Listening scores and decomposing electro magnetic fields leaving inhabitable wastelands torn and poisoned for years after brutal bursts of destruction. Dark, intense tunes like "Racine To Vermillion" seem to built from tilting Geiger-Mueller tubes and the perturbing electric buzz of radio silence before fragile drones and morse code transmission slowly are making their way into the listeners conception, not breaking the feel of fear and imminence though. "Acrid" adds like a screeching, braincell melting background sinewave layer to a full-on Noize transmission and "Kazanl K" even fuses the hyper digital Clicks'n'Cuts genre with eardrum tearing sounds that seem to be generated from a mixture of approaching fighter jets and screaming buzz saws that dominate the track prior to its further evolution into the realms of faraway, subaquatic droning and echoes of distant storms. With ""Pfennig M." Jim Haynes even adds found or illegally obtained radiotraffic to his work that finally explodes into a distressing crescendo of Harsh Noize - a well-chosen end piece for an album that's defo gonna frighten the weak-heartened and soft spoken. This one's clearly coming from the dark side.


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