Sunday, May 31, 2015

D Bayne - Meditations On Present Time [Luminescence Records 003 Promo]

Recently put on the circuit via the 2005-founded Luminescence Records is "Medidation On Present Time", the thid release on the label ever and also the third album with D Bayne involved who, over the course twelve tracks, fuses various Field Recordings mostly captured on long walks with layers of piano improvisations.  This works out pretty well sometimes as in "Metra Locomotive, Ravenswood Station" but sometimes does not at all as best seen in "The French Quarter" where spiritually performed vocals just clash with the unprocessed instrument instead of falling into place. Unfortunately, and despite the very nice packaging including an extra banderole, blanked out CD insertion slide in and fine photography booklet, it seems like the moments where things are not really falling into place outweigh the beauty that could've been lieing within the concept. But instead we'll find rather dissonant moments in tunes like "East Washington Street At Night" or - more often - opposing melodies resulting in a rather demanding, sometimes even exhausting und not necessarily pleasent listening experience. And although we're fans of a lot things demanding and dissonant this album's sometimes even Free Jazz-citing approach seems to be more strenuous and tiring than exciting or thrilling. Defo not our cup of tea. 


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