Sunday, May 03, 2015

Nicholodeon / Insonar - Ukiyoe (Mondi Fluttanti) / Francesco Paolo Paladino - Quickworks & Deadworks [Snowdonia 077 Promo]

Coming in from the Italy-based Snowdonia imprint this slightly confusing release has been sitting in our P.O. box quite a while ago and still manages to puzzle us for some reasons, not only because the so-called international press info doesn't make much sense at all. Anyway, presuming that the musical part of this release is provided by Nicholodeon / Insonar we're coming across an eight track - or: song -  album piece here that certainly provides some really psychedelic, tripping qualities, and so does the digipak-artwork as well. Imagine an acid-trip driven fusion of Italian lyrics and Bollywood-like kitsch levels whilst this over the top mixture functions as score for an artschool'esque shot love story with surprising twists and changes which you can't follow because you're watching the whole thing in a foreign language. No subtitles though. Sounds confusing, right? So it is, but interesting anyway and makes us think of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" for a reason - minus the Rock, plus exploding drums in track six and extented to 45 minutes that is. Alongside this musical potpourri comes a DVD containing Francesco Paolo Paolino's short film "Quickworks & Deadworks", soundtracked by the albums music and showcasing the most depressing interrelationship of two couples on a terrace whilst seeking shelter from a storm, hindering them from contueing their journey on a ship longside the coast. If you're set out towards the exploration of the most artsy, obscure audiovisual product you're able to find these days this is the album to look for.


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