Saturday, May 02, 2015

SFX - Can't Get Enough [Telepathic Bubblebath 001]

Soon to emerge from psychedelic vaults of the well-appreciated and beloved Liquid Sky Berlin is the new label Telepathic Bubblebath which is about to launch these days with the release of "Can't Get Enough", the debut album of the recently formed SFX project. But who's behind SFX then? A triumvirate of musicians, namely Thomas Mahmoud-Zahl, Gerald Mandl - known to the Indie- and ElectroPunk-scene through his musings in Mediengruppe Telekommander - and finally Cem Oral, mastermind of Pharma Records and the Jammin Masters studio, one half of Air Liquide and also solo-producer under his Jammin Unit alias. Together they're exploring bass-focused territories of mostly nonsensical, yet partially funkdefied (Non)Music, Harsh- and PostIndustrial-Noize, sheer sonic brutalizm, clanging found sounds combined with tilting sci-fi FX - see especially "Attack Of The" for this - and live instrument torture alongside sample abuse and heavily twisted footage recordings to a physically demanding effect whilst more Free- and NoizeJazz-related tunes like "Why White Men Can't Dance" might even appeal to a more sensitive audience. Finally the flipside spanning "Audio Darkroom" takes us on a fascinating journey through spooky Dark Ambient passages, classic sci-fi scores if one thinks Carpenter's "Dark Star" or Zdenek Liska's "Ikarie XB 1" and bits of thrilling, obscured Field Recordings as well. What a ride! 


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