Saturday, August 29, 2015

Troum & Raison D'Etre - De Aeris In Sublunaria Influx [Essence Music 024 Promo]

Released earlier this month via Essence Music is "De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu", the latest collaborational effort of Troum and Raison D'Etre. Holding seven tracks and being limited to 700 copies this album sees Stefan Knappe and Martin Gitschel a.k.a. Troum meeting up with the Swedish producer Perter Andersson a.k.a Raison D'Etre for an approximately 68+ minutes long journey into Deep Listening Music on the border of Dark Ambient,  providing mostly beatless, yet intense music slowly evolving in each and every track of which four out of seven exceed the 10 minutes mark for a reason. Partly focussing on the the droney, ambient'ish side of the musical spectrum but also branching out into calm, contemplative and ritualistic territories through repetetive guitar meditations and brooding, om-like low frequency modulations in tracks like "Oculum Mundi" whilst getting - kinda predictably due to the tracks name - ethereal in "Athmosphaera" the conjunctional studio force of these two projects also results in fragile, crystalline strings that meet subaquatic surfs in "Meditationum", the albums longest and possibly also deepest musical work alongside the final "Ad Inifinitum". Check out if you love your Deep Listening Music right from the heart.


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