Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bersarin Quartett - III [Denovali Records 246 Promo]

Scheduled for release on November 6th, 2k15 via Denovali Records is "III", the third longplay offering by the Bersarin Quartett which - being the brainchild of Thomas Bücker - is coming back with 12 new tracks after a three years period of silence. From the beautiful trailer announcing the arrival of his new album piece on Youtube one could already tell that "III" would come out as nothing short of a masterpiece floating in between warm and embracing Ambient structures and a few (neo)classical influences and listening to the full album totally proves this assumption right. The layers of beauty cut-up on a foundation of  bulgy drums featured in "Staub Und Sterne" alone are a heavenly gift for all true Ambient headz out there and so are the cuddly, intimate pianos on top of super laid back beats in "Hinter Uns Die Wirklichkeit" or the epic, widescreen melancholia of "Die Nächte Sind Erfüllt Von Maskenfesten" - a Piano Ambient tune with a Future Jazz twist which truly unveils score'esque qualities. Further essentials are the simple, yet stunningly beauteous "Sanft Verblassen Die Geschichten" sporting romantic violins and a crystalline melody, the fascinating fusion of distorted, abstract and stuttering beats and gentle strings in "Schwarzer Regen Fällt" or the highly dramatic, partly even threatening closing tune "Ist Es Das, Was Du Willst". But who needs to pick essentials if the whole album album must be referred to as one of the most important Ambient releases of the year?


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