Friday, November 06, 2015

Congo Natty - Jungle Revolution In Dub [Big Dada Promo]

As announced earlier on these pages we'll see the legendary UK producer Congo Natty coming up with a new album in November which is not exactly a new one but a dubbed out ten track retake on his 2013-released classic "Jungle Revolution", a musical approach that perfectly makes sense as Dub and Reggae have not only played an essential role in the musical upbringing of Mikail Tafari, better known as Congo Natty who has been spreading Rastafarian knowledge and wisdom in his tunes from day one, but also are an integral part of the musical DNA of Jungle and Drum'n'Bass culture anyway. And so we experience a new, visionary take on familiar tunes, a thrilling variation that makes up an entirely new album and a journey through many facets of Dub. Dubkasm's 'Dragon Slayer Mix' comes up as heavy a stepper slightly reminiscent of 90s Dub heroes like Kitachi, Sukh Knight's take on the anthemic "Get Ready" fuses violent basslines and rave signals with loads of Dub FX and intransigent groove whilst the "Nu Beginningz (Jinx In Dub Steppa Remix)" is on a fast paced and well uplifting vibe here rockin' both stepping and dubstepping crowds. If you've been following these pages on a regular basis you've already been listening to "Revolution In Dub (DJ Madd Remix)" anyway, Adrian Sherwood's "UK All Stars In Dub" fuses heavy, electronic dubbing with excursions in Drum'n'Bass, the "London Dungeons Dub" created by Young Warrior is more of a sawtooth-ridden, MC-led 4/4-based Dubstep tune for darker hours on the dancefloor, but not shunning away from epic female vocal use and the "Rebel Tuff Like Tuff Gong Dub" crafted by Mad Professor's son Joe Ariwa himself deals with a classical Dub vibe and well familiar technical wizzardry which is about to please all Roots Dub afficionados out there. Furthermore "Jungle Is I And I (Hylu And Jago Future Dub Remix)" combines the musical romanticism of Lovers Rock with clean, well futuristic bass synths and vocalists on fire, DJ Madd's "Jah Warriors In Dub" starts on a more positive tip but turns into a massive, violent stepper crafted for peak time clash abuse before "Microchip In Dub" finally sends punters off into a spaced out and well melodic Dub universe. What a shot - recommended for a reason! 


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