Wednesday, November 04, 2015

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2015

01. Leslie Winer / CM Von Hauswolff - 1 [Monotype Records]
After listening to their track "Can I Take Your Order" which has been featured previously on these pages it became pretty clear that this Spoken Word meets Minimal Drone collaboration album is defo one album to add to my collection for a reason. Although calm in nature this longplay piece is of unsettling and disconcerting atmosphere that is intense, thrilling and alarming at the same time and therefore highly recommended. Get!

02. [aniYo kore] - Tally Sticks [Bob Harris 004]
See review for details...

03. Bersarin Quartett - III [Denovali Records Promo]
See review for details...

04. The Sorcerers - The Sorcerers [ATA Records 002]
Defo a great release this is and one that might appeal to lovers of Jazz Noir, Ethio Jazz and even Instrumental HipHop and Downtempo alike. Good and well funky stuff for smoky bars and shady, underground venues in red light districts which also will be loved by connaisseurs and appreciators of the well-acclaimed "Ethiopiques" series for a reason. Get.

05. Memero - Spaety / Ctrl+2 [}m{ 001]
Bleepy 8bit Hardcore and Speedcore for the ill minded posse out there. Originally released on Killbot Records and now re-issued due to public demand. Banging stuff!

06. Tlic - Travelling [Minor Asia]
Tlic recently has become the main source of music to be released on Leipzig's Minor Label and with this release he's exploring the more uptempo side of his music with Drum'n'Bass-reminiscing Electronica / IDM abstractions and sacred Rhythm Industrial / Broken Techno crossovers reminiscent of a darker depiction of music created by artists like Deadbeat or Surgeon.

07. Tlic - Frustbär [Minor Ursa]
Frustrated bear is frustrated. Label stalwart Tlic caters dark, technoid Rhythm Industrial accompanied by haunted, evil sounding lyrics on "... Dass Er Stirbt" whilst "Infected Detention" is more on a dark, yet springy IDM / Electronica tip and about to kicks some butts on hyper advanced late night dancefloors.

08. Nozinja - Nozinja Lodge [Warp Records 252]
Actually the first Shangaan Electro record in my collection and it's defo an interesting journey into new, formerly unexplored sound spheres. Galloping percussions, a pretty artificial, plastic sounding attitude which tells stories of presets used and abused, native African lyrics and a overly happy and often uplifting feel to be found in tunes like "Mitshetsho We Zindaba, "Xihukwani", the epic "Nyamsoro" or the excellent "Baby Do U Feel Me" are the trademark features of the "Nozinja Lodge" and I really hope the wide recognition of this musical genre goes way further than being just a short-lived novelty hype in Western electronic dance music as there's a lot of potential in this.

09. Various Artists - Waschmaschinenfest 2k15 [LIMBS 002]
See review for details...

10. Various Artists - Hafenstrassen Disco Vol. 1 [Bordello A Parigi 042]
Well, ItaloDisco and SynthPop related stuff is not only a secret pleasure as I clearly have a thing for electronic oldskool kitsch, raw synthesizer sounds, preset beats and other glorious trademarks related to these styles as well as Cosmic references which are all to be found on this nice four track 12" which even features a cover shot from a Hamburg-based gay bar as artwork which suits the music more than well.


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