Friday, December 11, 2015

Ivar Grydeland - Stop Freeze Wait Eat [Hubro Music]

Recently released via the Norwegian Jazz- and Improv-label Hubro Music is "Stop Freeze Wait Eat", the latest album work by Ivar Grydeland, known for his solo works as well as for his participation in bands like Huntsville or Finland amongst others. With this seven track release he approaches the concept of cyclical, self-sampling Post-PostRock and Indietronica also introduced to a wider audience by performers like F.S. Blumm or Harald Sack Ziegler. This contemplative, ruminant technique of the performer recording short loops of himself, playing on top of these loops again, twisting, re-recording and manipulating these through various FX results in slowly building organic layers of sound, a steady flow of polyrhythmic events, their echoes and predecessors, sometimes disturbed by additional, hyperelectronic sounds and well as a few minimal, reprocessed breakdowns or soundbending sections at the very end of a track. For those following the musical developments of the Indietronica / Post-PostRock scene since the mid to late 90s this album might not necessarily provide a specific epiphany as these techniques have been used before on numerous occasions but, and this is a very special thing that sets the cyclical approach apart from many other musical techniques, are never tiring or seem to be worn out as they usually provide a warm and comfy feel and always new things, tiny details and structures to explore, both experienced on headphones or in a live environment. This said, "Stop Freeze Wait Eat" is a highly recommended album piece for a reason. Get.


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