Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 039]

Whilst the year 2k15 comes to an end the man Sascha Müller is not even thinking about cutting down his output a bit and comes up with another untitled twelve track album on his very own Super Six Records imprint which starts with a proper and well seductive club hit named "Pattern Buffer" walking the line between energetic, pumping House and more technoid signals - a great tune for all lovers of 1996'ish dancefloor fillers. Following up is "Dave", featuring HAL9000 surely on some proper amount of speed and representing fast-paced, banging Techno sporting loads of low frequency synth movements and - yes! - snare roll attacks for ravey moments on your favorite dancefloor. With "Data Pop" we're staying on the technoid side of things  and see sawtooth synths, high frequency bleeps and killer basslines do their thing, "Computer Sickness" is a blueprint for lo-fi, braincell bending MonoAcid once introduced by Steve Stoll under his Datacloud-moniker and the huge, warm and organic bassdrums and floating Proto-Trance / TechTrance strings and structures to be found in "Circle" are a fest for all those still loving the late Superstition Recordings-releases in their collection to bits. When the 'troity "Bug System II" hits all warehouse Techno floors start to lift off, "Black Is Black" can be seen as a proper homage to chromatic Rave bangers once brough to the scene by producers like Emmanuel Top and the likes of without copycatting their approach one on one whilst the "Audio DNA" seems to sound pretty thin and unmastered in direct comparison to its predecessor although focusing on a more tool'ish aspect of analogue Techno. With "Assassin" Mr. Müller serves a proper peak time tool and takes contemporary Techno to a reasonable tempo level , "Airwave Drill" caters the darker needs of illegal party crowds gathered in concrete underground shelters with filtered stabs and morphing signals before "Spocks Brain" communicates with punters in a language widely recognized as gummy AcidTrance and we're finally entering "Deep Space" - a galaxy built on a sweet Electro foundation and populated by friendly, bubbly entities distributing a warm, vary coloured neon glow whenever they leave their homes built beneath the surface of distant planets to have a dance.


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