Friday, December 25, 2015

Lilly Joel - What Lies In The Sea [Sub Rosa 416 Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via the long-time standing Sub Rosa imprint is "What Lies In The Sea", the debut album of Lilly Joel which is the collaborational effort of singer Lynn Cassiers and pianist Jozef Dumoulin who've been working together for a full decade before their first longplay piece saw the day of light only recently. Together they're catering a body of work consisting of eleven songs covering a spectrum of deep piano elegies accompanied by distant, mourning and distorted vocals,  warm, experimental soundscapes created from an amalgamation of processed piano tones, strings and sonic events generated by randomly found objects as well as floating, flickering Ambient Pop / Spoken Word-fusions like in the reality bending anthem "A Wheel In The Palm Of Your Hand". Furthermore tunes like "Thaw" introduce new genres like piano-driven Drone Folk, "Ruben's Tree" fuses this with rather improvised, yet interesting bass movements and glitches to create a new variation within the slightly vanished Indietronica-genre, "Wij De Wolken" serves scenic, uberly calm and well beauteous Ambient and "The Cage Of The Yellow Bird" can be seen as a rather chaotic, unsettling but highly emotional and fascinating combination of Modern Classical and Electronica that will be appreciated by lovers of the legendary Aphex Twin for a reason. "Zondag" is a two minutes journey into the world of cut-ups and pure experimentalism, "I Can See Yor From Afar" brings in a solemn and ceremonial vibe interfered by more vocal glitches, "Today A Small Bird Die Due To Sadness (He Was 6 Years Old)" is pure melancholia met by plucked strings and quirky, random noises in a way that once again reminds us of releases on the former Berlin-based Digital Kranky-label and the final "Dew" rounds things off with a sweet Drone Folk variation for all lovers of crystal clear vocals accompanied by beatless, floating electronics. We appreciate. This.


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