Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Various Artists - House Of Ages: Classic, Rare & Unreleased Dance Music selected by Jeremy Newall [BBE Records]

Put on the circuit via BBE Records in late November 2k15 is the "House Of Ages", a massive twelve track selection of rare mid 90s House cuts or unreleased versions of underground House hits which have been hand-picked and selected by Jeremy Newall, DJ and obviously one of the key figures in the London scene of these flourishing days. Generally leaning towards the vocal and also Disco-flavored side of things we're coming across anthems like Mark Rogers a.k.a. Hollywood Beyond's "I Promise (More Beats For Passion Mix)" which represents a more stripped-down yet enthralling take on hormone driven House music, going in deep and organic with "Take Me Higher" created by the US transplant Jimi Polo whilst the previously unreleased dub of UBQ Project's "We Can Make It"  represents the ultimate and intrinsic sexiness of classic House. The hot stabs and raw unpolished sound of Susan Clark's "Deeper (Benji Candelario's Deeper Than Deep Unreleased Mix)" evoke fond memories of euphoric warehouse raves within seconds, the 'Roger S Ego Trip Mix' of Tribal House's "Main Line" weighs in deep organ chords, African chants and yearning vocals, "When I See You (Tight Vocals)" by Frank Youngwerth feat: Ernie lives up to the Soul tradition of House and Soul Dhamma's "Don't Run Away" is a fast-paced, well sexy cut walking the thin line between deep, jazzy and slightly cheesy when it comes to the vocal parts of this tune. Furthermore the 'Tony Humphries Instrumental Mix' of Johanna's "Freak It!" is a classic, driving and well-functional force that keeps dancefloor crowds in motion throughout late night sessions and finally "Yo Razor" by Arts And Crafts feat. Razor Cain fuses pumping killer House and contemporary Rap, building a massive, highly effective dancefloor weapon that  is our personal favorite out of these twelve tunes on a compilation album that's defo a sweet gem to check out if you're a real House head. 


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