Monday, December 21, 2015

Lucrecia Dalt - Ou [Care Of Editions 5/6 Promo]

Well, what a concept. It's not that we haven't heard talk about the idea of a limited digital download release before but it's Lucrecia Dalt's "Ou" that - as far as we know - really sticks to this and is indeed limited to 45 download copies including a .pdf file with high resolution artwork. Released on December 8th, 2k15 the whole run of DL's might be gone already but still we're into delivering our verdict on what's to be found on this piece. The opener "Over Unity" fuses sawtooth romanticism, deep listening electronics and experimental, yet melodic feedback works before the second part of the tune introduces a more lively, bleeping and slightly dada'esque approach - think R2D2 having a party here. "IOT" starts with lovely warm and organic electronics, introduces intense organs layered on top of a kind of film noir-like atmosphere, makes a cut to move into scenic and playful ambience accompanied by multilayered vocal experiments covering various spaces in the stereo field and later evolves into more cute electronics evoking fond memories of the sound brought to us by the former Berlin-based label Digital Kranky. "Floto" weighs in retrofuturistic sounds of science with a dubbed out, psychedelic twist as well as dark soundscapes telling tales of loneliness and lurking menace and the final cut "Eleanore" delivers all the drama with elements borrowed from classical and neoclassical music, transferred into an experimental electronic context and fused with what might be referred to as a reference to great scores like Tangerine Dream's "Sorcerer". Thrilling!  


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